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Welcome to Sports Saints

Coaching multiple children's sports in the Temecula Valley and North San Diego areas for ages 2yrs and 14yrs.

Sports Saints Children's Sports

Sports Saints Children's Sports

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Low angle Hayden great serve
Temecula Group Soccer Pic
Around the key
Happy Faces Murr Tennis
Isaac the catcher
Nolan Swinging
Coach Estelle forehand
Weston Scrimmage
Baseball Group Silly Face
Young Soccer Scrimmage
Murr Group Racquet Skills
Vishniri going for ball
Railroad Group Tennis Pic
Weston Scrimmage
Soccer Steam
Hayden & Coach Estrelle Rallying
Isaac racquet skills

STEAM infused education

Sports Saints coaches soccer, tennis, golf and baseball using STEAM infused education to bridge the gap between athletics and academics. We've found with our experience that we tend to excel in an athletic or an academic category but why not both? That's until now. 

Register for one of our many classes to enjoy the fun of sports whilst continuing to work on character development skills as well as science, technology, engineering, art and math.  

Home Schooling

We're a vendor of multiple homeschool programs including:

- Mission Vista Academy

Cabrillo Point Academy

- Pacific Coast Academy

- Sage Oak Charter

- Sky Mountain

- Dimensions

3 Girls Golf copy.jpeg
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